Would just like to personally Thank you

I was just wanting to say Thank you for everything that you have been doing. I stumbled upon your channel around 2years ago, and anytime i see a new video , its always one i watch first. Ive learned so absolutely much from not only just watchin your videos once but watching a few of your playlist multiple times through. You was even the one that fully introduced me into CTFs and also inspired me to join hackthebox. Thank You! Its all like a really good book that you dont ever want to stop progressing farther into it . I truly appreciate it!


<3 you deserve it brother congratulations on your success im proud of you

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Thank you very much, i am glad the channel has helped you and i would like to personally thank you for your continued support on the channel.


I want also to thank you, very nice video’s, one thing i do not like is when you do typo and apologize xD

Wish you more success in your journey!

Everybody has typos or we would be ai :joy: