Xspy Keylogger Tool On Kali Linux

Greetings everyone, In this tutorial I will show you a tool in Kali Linux (xspy). xspy is a tool that captures every keystroke typed by user.
first you will need to install if it’s not already installed

$sudo apt-get install xspy

To use this tool just simply run it

$sudo xspy > logs.txt
(your creds will be stored in logs.txt)

once you think it’s finsh, just stop it and see the content of the logs.txt

$cat logs.txt

Need Help? watch the vidoe = https://youtu.be/I6XuoWnlk2k


I fail to see the reason to use sudo when you are already root(in fact it makes no sense) which is the case in Kali.

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I use sudo to reiterate it’s function and usability to beginners.


Hi thanks for sharing @ReDXsploit_Cyber .

I tend to use sudo in TuT’s as well. Just so novice users that are using other flavors of Linux can participate.

I just want to give everyone a reminder to be uplifting to the community. We are like minded individuals, that have hacking in common. Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the airplane, the pessimist the parachute. In understanding this, we need to be a diplomatic community to work together as one aggregation.