Advice on information gathering

Hi, let’s say I have only a name to go on. I also have an address but nothing else and I need to expand from this. What tool is recommended to start with to begin getting information.

There are so many tools out there. I have played with a couple of them but I am new to this and would just like to know where to start…I know it is at the beginning:upside_down_face:

I am using Kali Linux.

Thank you for your input.

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Elaborate it dude. :roll_eyes:

As you describe it, I think you want to DOX someone?

No, don’t get me wrong I don’t want to do anything to anyone, I just
want to know what would be the first steps besides social engineering to get the most info on one person.

I know how to get info on online websites but for individuals it is different.

Thank you for your answer

o.k. let’s say the guy’s name is Joe Brown and I know his address but I do not know anything else. What should I do next. By the way I really do not want to do anything here just finding out the steps to get the max info on an individual. For businesses it is more simple and the tools are there.

Thank you for your answer.

Thank you again because your answer gave me a clue on where to search because I did not know it was called Doxing so now I can go about and read as much as I can on the subject.


Yeah, I did not say, that you want to do something unethical, I just wanted to make clear on what you want help​:joy:.All good :wink:.

Check about a script for Linux called EagleEye to search for his social media accounts (if you have a clear photo of him) or other scripts that check his name in social medias.
Also if you have any photos with him in a place, you can use Google to find the place where photo was taken with this code: location)
Search about ‘white pages’ or ‘zabasearch’ or ‘441’ or ‘lular’ on the internet.
DOXing is not illegal, the actions you will do with the info you will get maybe are, but I just give you some sources that are a good start if you want to give a look at it. I studied DOXing on last 2 years and it was really helpful for me to understand more things about anonymity and privacy. Good luck :wink:

Oh!!! this is cool, thanks a lot. I will check out everything you are suggesting.

Merry Xmas

The problem with scripts like userrecon and EagleEye is that they are not accurate. Ex- your target’s name is Josh Brown now if you enter his name JoshBrown they will tend to give out Facebook results of JoshBrown even if he’s from the name Josh_Brown or .Brown.Josh. i hope you are getting my point. People who DOX online rarely use such tools instead they use social engineering to uncover their victim. It is very famous quote: There’s no solution to human stupidity use this technique and you will need advanced tools less as SE skill will do your all work. :wink:

Very well said by D4rkhunt3r. This is a problem they often face. Hence you need to find an alternative.

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Agree with that @D4rkhunt3r said ,but I only disagree with the EagleEye specifically because this script takes your face ID and redirects you to the person with the same Face ID (If the photo you have has good quality and his profile is public).
So if EagleEye gives you results,it is one of the most helpfull DOXing tools for you and it’s much more accurate than name searching which is really a big problem for DOXing as you said :grin: .

Also @Rdizazzo if you have many results with the same name,try to set more parameters,like location which will help you very much to decline most of the results :wink:

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I know I am posting late but I did post a tool for this here on Hackersploit. Skiptracer - OSINT Scraping Framework