Introduce Yourselves Here

Welcome Everyone!

Firstly we want to personally welcome everyone to the site. This is the place to introduce yourselves. We want to get to know everyone in the community. Our goal is to see everyone of you learn and pass that knowledge on to others.

  1. Explain a little about yourself.

  2. Tell us what you are good at.

  3. What do you need to work on?

  4. What you hope to gain from being part of our community?


Hello everyone! Your friendly (or not depending on how you feel about me…:stuck_out_tongue: ) op here. I consider myself an idiot and a destroyer of systems. My day job is IT Helpdesk Level 1 and 2 at the moment, and I have worked as Helpdesk Level 3 and as a cloud engineer (Citrix specifically). I am certified in more things than I really care and officially my degrees are Electrical Engineer, Educator and Designing IC’s.
I am a pretty good troubleshooter and I seem to diagnose the problem pretty quickly and also I get to learn pretty quickly a new platform or system when I am motivated
I need to work on my Metasploit skills, coding, and work on my pentesting skills since they are crappy according to my standards
Well I get to gain more knowledge from all the posts, give back to the community with help, advice and any info I can provide and of course make sure everything here posted is proper! Sometimes I might seem strict but I believe this forum has a chance to become a great treasure trove of guides and information on network security so I want it alive and running. Enough about me lets get someone else to introduce themselves!


Good Day :slight_smile: . I’m New to all of this and am just looking to advance my skills, as well as then I wont need to bug my bf for help all the time :wink: I look forward to seeing what all of you offer and am excited to be a part of it. Thanks.


@binary_rookie Very nice binary. Maybe doing an tutorial on basic server security with Citrix would be beneficial for our community. What do you think?


I bet you your man is pumped that he has a woman that likes Linux and is into hacking and he doesn’t mind helping you at all. :rose: Welcome to the community. :rose:


@MoNsTeR I bet you your man is pumped that he has a woman that likes Linux and is into hacking and he doesn’t mind helping you at all. :rose: Welcome to the community. :rose:

Thank you for the warm welcome. I know he don’t mind helping me as “You are only as strong as your weakest link”. I can only hope to be Half the hacker he is. So to all that read this post be prepared to see me ask a lot of questions As I pick your brains for information.


hello everyone i am learner trying to advance my skills as an ethical hacker though i am still in college :slight_smile:
my specialty is out-of-the box thinking and lateral movement. Thank you for having me!


@lolt3under Welcome to the group. :slight_smile:


@lolt3under Welcome to the community. If your interested in making a tutorial on the hacker mindset, thinking outside the parameters. I’m sure some people would find it useful.


@MoNsTeR Already on it :wink:

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@lolt3under Looking forward to the read my friend. :peace_symbol::slightly_smiling_face:

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@MoNsTeR Its ready :star_struck: , take a look :

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Hello everyone i am vignesh. I want to learn ethical hacking from low level to advance level. I think this is perfect community to learn everything. Currently I am engineering student from india as a Electronics and communication engineering. I have finished some small course " introduction to cyber security" and also got certificate from coursera. This is my basic info


@Vigneshpvk Welcome n nice to meet you i am also from India :partying_face:

Thank you for your support @lolt3under

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@Vigneshpvk Welcome to the group :smile:

@Vigneshpvk Fantastic and welcome to the community. What do you think about doing a tutorial on the most interesting thing you learnt while go through the introduction to cyber security course?

Hello Guys, I am from North India, and my day job includes doing digital forensic investigation for local law enforcement agency. I have keen interest in exploit development and reverse engineering. Look forward to contribute to the comunity as well as learn from it.