Looking for a mentor to teach me the ropes

Hello guys, i am a noob but i am also in my early 30’s. I need some real guidance in learning these skills, is there anyone out their willing to connect to teach me the ropes? I am from London and have Skype whats app all the necessary social media platforms so we can discuss topics. I hope to hear from anyone soon, thank you.

p.s Hackersploit this is an amazing network you have created i am hoping i can become good enough and help you with your endeavours


Well guys it’s a big help for me too .tyvm !


Hello @jeko, I am glad to see you are interested in Cyber Security. You can use this site as a place to be mentored. Tons of good material on here and if you have questions you can ask. If you are very new I would suggest getting familiar with Linux and taking advantage of the free content we have on the site. Start with the ethical hacking course to learn basics.


Hi @MoNsTeR , Thanks for the Link If you Do Not Mind I could use the Help Also . Thanks for the Info, Hack The World!

hey, @MoNsTeR thank you for your reply and your help with stuff to study and links to online practice and learning. I have been looking through cybrary trying to do network + because i see its essential to understand that. I also done a bit with linux. The places i try to learn from give me a lot of theory but no practical so i don’t know where or when to use what i have learned.
Thank you @MoNsTeR again for giving me those links, i know your busy but could you be my personal mentor? skype and stuff?



I think this wargame would be best for if you’re barely starting out.

Try out a bunch of capture the flags and resist the urge to look up walkthroughs

If you’re a little more experienced I say to try out https://www.hackthebox.eu/

There are other sites that’ll help you with specific exploits such as like
XSS : https://xss-game.appspot.com/

This is also a great website to use to learn about the different type of exploits

If you’re ever stuck on anything, google is your best friend!

Make websites from scratch, build your own database, setup an old computer with a bunch of open ports on it and try to get into all of these.

Practice makes perfect!


Stick around for awhile soak up the info stay engaged in the community and I wouldn’t be opposed to mentoring you. I would like to see you around and get to know you before I commit to anything as far as Teamiew and Skype. But yeah stick around show me your dedicated and I will.


https://tryhackme.com is another good site to learn. You can try out some boxes for free. And there is a good community there as well.


thank you @Aniroot for your reply and all the links you supplied me, i will try all of these games and websites you have given me and hopefully it start to become clear to me. I am going to show my commitment so i can get @MoNsTeR to become my mentor. Thank you again.

Thank you for replying to me, and i am going to soak up all this information, some of the files chrome said are dangerous, can i open them anyway will they be fine?

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Thank you @lxa1121 I will try their also. Having fun at the moment this community is amazing. I have been looking for something like this for ages. Again thank you.

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If you would like to buddy up to learn together Im open to that. I know a little but not in practice.
Get yourself a cheap laptop and we could hack each other lmao.

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@jeko Anonymousfiles is used for hosting a variety of things including malicious files. Everything I upload is safe as long as anonymousfiles.io has not been compromised it is safe. What you can do is create a virtual machine and things you are not sure about or are questionable download onto and view it on that. It will have no affect on your host machine if you do run into malicious software. Always keep your host machine clean.


yep im up for that, lets do that @RonSwartz

ok i was playing the wargames @Aniroot suggested on my host computer. I will use all my future penetration tests and games on my virtual lab. Thank you for the heads up i will download the files on the virtual computer and go through them, thank you very much, talk soon my soon to be mentor

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