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general thread for all my ethical pentester friends tell me about what your good at and what your role in this wonderful community is


When my interest of pen-testing evolved from just daydreaming and reading about it to finally getting my hands wet playing with different things . It never crossed my mind how vast the pen-testing field really is . Now that I’ve started to meet more people that have the same common interest. I’ve got more of an understanding and was able to start trying to decide on what to focus on, The more i have played with things and have done this and that , I’ve been really drawn towards Recon part of things. It scared the crap out of me the first time i scanned my own email addy (at the time was my main email). It opened my eyes , and i realized that i wasn’t as safe as i thought i was. Now Im always hounding friends and family , making sure they are not throwing out anymore information about themselves then they need too. Im sure my friend that has been mentoring me is glad Im finding other places to get information from cause Im the guy that asks if i can do something , and if Im told you cant do that or that doesn’t work . I wanna know why and then get a bunch of “what if did this” questions .


I don’t know what. There is so much to pentesting I like. Lately I have been on a AD, Buffer Overflow, and then sprinkle in a little bit of learning/using the Deep Web.

I have always like computers since I was a kid. I remember using the old Macintosh computers playing Oregon Trail and getting in trouble for putting the floppy disks on top of the computer. Big no no! Then my mind was blown as a kid when the first talks of the internet were on TV, then AOL, etc…

But there is a dompaine rush/enjoyment I get when learning new things and figuring out the puzzle when it comes to pen testing, heck even when I am having issues other IT stuff.

Ok done rambling…

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I don’t know what I am good at but if I need to choose one that would be the hacker mindset thinking for vulnerabilities and possibility how you would hack something.

Let’s say I see digital commercial board first thought of mine is that how I would hack that, what I need to order to do so that I would be successful.

My role in this community learns and help others to be part of it the best way I can. :thinking:

I am MrGFY (mrgo****yourself) hello, and my skills, … they are many. (

As much as this is an adult forum and a name is a name please do refrain from using profanity. I took the liberty of censoring the specific word which all of us can imagine which one it is. Thank you!

it’s alright i’ll leave

cant find the delete profile button, you handle it, later

Never said you should leave. Simply making sure we keep everything up and running properly. You are more than welcome to stay, share your knowledge and gain some from this great community!

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Hi, I am S0B0. I am currently learning the ways of bug bounty hunting. I love coding and web pen testing. I am pretty new here but I really enjoy the platform. : )

@S0B0 Thanks SOBO and welcome to the community. Do you have and specific skill you find yourself good at? If so would you like to do a tutorial on it and share with our community?

My strongest skill right now is coding. I could try explaining some memory related things or OOP concepts, as soon as I have more free time.

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Hello friends… I also am fairly new to pentesting. I have been a diehard Linux user for many years. Over the last year I have become absolutely addicted to understanding pentesting/hacking. Recently I have be trying my hand at coding of the bash and python veriety and have made good headway. I enjoy doing CTFs and find it really is an efficient way of learning. Only recently have I been able to solve many ctfs without help of the walkthroughs people post. I like to understand how the pentest works not just us tools. I would love to work on a project to further develop. If anyone has a project in need of assistance I welcome the oppertnity. Please let me know for sure.
[email protected].

@S0B0 @Psickophant Yeah that would be great to have you both do a tutorial on something your passionate about.

in the future, don’t take any liberty for me, instead ask

When I take an action I always make sure that everybody is informed of my actions. So when I see something that does not conform with this forum I will act first to keep it clean and tidy and ask questions later. You may contact someone else if you do not approve of my methods. I did what I considered necessary and would do it again without any hesitation. Have a great day!


Hi My name is darknimbus
And i am also learning pentesting
For a years there are many more things which i have to learn to all my dear friends and this is just 4 b33ginin9

Hello, honestly speaking i do not know how to hack so i decided to go here hoping to get some tips. I am looking forward for some tips :blush:

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