No module found named pip

Hi everyone!I’m new around here so if im wrong about something im sorry.I use Kali Linux and im trying to install MITMf on Github.But i cant install netfilter queue.It doesn’t support python3.7 and upper versions.So i installed python3.6 but i cant use pip.There is no error when i change the default python version as 3.9.By the way i installed python3.6 /usr/bin (where other versions are installed).I will be glad if u guys help me.

Did you try
sudo apt-get install python3-pip

And maybe read this:

As per Richie’s reply - ensure pip is installed first.
Then, if it’s installed try using pip3 command instead of pip.
pip3 install <options> <package>

sudo apt install libnfnetlink-dev libnetfilter-queue-dev

Then: pip3 install netfilterqueue
pip3 install nfqp3