Ransomware Development - Help Needed

I am working on open-source ransomeware generator.

70 % of work is done, just want to add a GUI which is similar to wannacry

I know how to develop GUI programs, but not so good in it, I developed a ugly looking ransomeware

Could anyone contribute, GUI for this project which I am going to release on my GitHub page.

Please code in python as whole ransomeware is purely written in python

And use tkinter as GUI module.

Thanks in advance

Hope someone help

Till now Ransomeware has these features:

  1. Works on windows
  2. Generates unique machine I’d
  3. Generates random encryption key but static for one system.
  4. Payload is encrypted with base64 before compilation process
  5. Sends encryption key and machine Id to remote server (website)
  6. Encrypt/decrypt files
  7. Able to exclude particular directory (exclude directory can be set)
  8. Target particular file extension (extension can be set)
  9. Changes wallpaper after every given interval of time
  10. Encryption key is uncrackable as it is generated randomly (MD5 hash)
  11. Key is first successful send to remote host and then encryption process starts
  12. Becomes persistent

Coming features:

  1. Disable task manager
  2. Task scheduler function to kill encryption Key

Also suggest more features

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Looks really nice but you won’t find anyone here who can contribute in your malware or ransomware development as this place is purely a whitehat hacking platform and such questions won’t be answered satisfactorily here. Maybe such activities may get you banned temporarily.

BANNED temporarily??

We all used a lot of hacking tools which do blackhat hacking for us like fatrat, metasploit exploits, meterpreter rat etc,

All these tools gives hacker remote access,
is this white hat practice???

also if someone don’t know basics of blackhat hacking then how would he/she stop blackhat hackers

ec-council tagline: to beat a hacker you need to thing like a hacker.

I am developing a OPEN-SOUCE ransomeware, which can be used to demonstrate the practical effects of a ransomeware.

and I am not going to sell ransomeware on darnet or any illegal site.

purely made for educational purpose


You should update us when you release the project github also put give the link, my colleagues on python will be able to contribute to it. The project seems like Very good one.

You know any single system android ransomware for research and learning purposes? Google isn’t of help in this case.

Almost done buddy, and also GUI part

Some server’s file is left to code in PHP
Which will be used to retrieve key

GUI is similar to wannacry

Ransomeware generater , timer function to kill Decryptor, like things are left to code

Don’t know much about android development

But searching like this in Google can help you

“Android Ransomeware GitHub”

Database manager or Ransomeware

Screenshot of Ransomeware

will update you all whenever i complete this project,

It will take some time as not getting time to work on this project


Oh well i already searched on Google but i didn’t got any “single system android ransomware” for testing purposes. I think i saw a windows ransomware for such cases but surely not for android.

I am really keen to try this out for learning and testing purposes. Do update us when you release this project.

May be This is what you are searching for.

For me the builder didn’t work but then i manage to build it manually.

manual method:-

  1. Simply upload server files ATANK-master\web\helow* it to your server as decryption key is displayed on website

  2. update sql.php with right creds.

  3. create database and upload slave.sql present in *ATANK-master\web*

  4. update your server url - line 331 in MainActivity.smali present in ATANK-master\scriptcode\smali\com\example\kico\myapplication

  5. Compile and sign using Easy APK Tool or whatever you like

Note: url must be http, and server should not be configured to redirect http to https

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I can contribute in the server side using PHP.

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I made a really simple backend, a page which has no login system etc

just ask machine ID and shows the Decryption Key.

Please contribute later, when i upload the project to github, as it is easy to accept pull request or merger modification etc

But for now thanks for showing interest buddy :wink:

Cool project @MrRobot

Released on GitHub : )

Now Please Contribute and also told your colleagues which you are talking about to contribute so that we can make this tool THE BEST.

Hope You Like The Released Version

Thanks in advance for the contribution

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Give us the name/link of the project