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I have some basic knowledge on python, c and c++. Its just pure basic. How can I improve? All the tutorials I found on youtube titeling “python/c/c++ beginner to advanced” are almost same. Does it mean I am already an advanced !??!. Can anyone suggest me some books where I can get a little more beyond basic? And I was going through the book named Hacking “The Art Of Exploitation”. Can you please suggest me any video which I can use along with the book to have better understanding. Sorry for asking a lot. I am less than a noob.

@HackerBee I enjoyed this one Have You Hit A Plateau Hacking?

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I think you should read these ebooks
Penetration Testing With Kali Linux
Advanced Penetration Testing For Highly Secured Environment
Beginner to Advanced Ethical Hacking Course

By the way you can get this all from

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